Client Q&A : Diane

Diane at our photo session in GG Park.

Diane at our photo session in GG Park.

Diane became my client after winning a raffle at a fundraising event put on by, where I host a weekly radio show called B-Side Dreams. For the fundraiser, I donated a portrait session to be raffled off and Diane, whose daughter Stella also hosts a show on the station (called Radio Shoe), won the raffle. 

Diane and I met in Golden Gate Park for the session. I enjoyed shooting and getting to know Diane, who is a costume designer and had creative ideas about how to pose, sighting specific public figures in her age range who she looked to for inspiration. So I decided to publish this informal interview.


J: What do you do for a living?

D: I have been a freelance San Francisco-based costume designer and wardrobe stylist for 20+ years. Before that I was an actor so I’ve had opportunities to be in front of the camera but I’ve never really been comfortable with that role.

J: Why did you want to have portraits taken? 

D: As I had won the opportunity to have my portrait taken, I was not thinking of updating my picture at all. But I was happy to have the opportunity to capture this time and place in my life with a professional photographer who didn’t know me and perhaps would see something in me that a friend couldn’t see. This was a fun way to explore who I am now and just see where the experience would take me.

J: What do you hope to communicate about yourself ?

D: Professionally, I always want to communicate to a potential client confidence, genuine sincerity, and a sense of style.

J: Which women did you search for as model inspiration, and why?

D: Before having my portrait taken I researched professional women who are approximately my age. Susan Sarandon, Jessica Lange, Oprah, Nina Garcia, Meryl Streep, Cyndi Lauper, and Debra Winger. I figured these women have their photos taken all the time and must know some tricks on how to look their best. I was interested in how their poses addressed the angles of their faces and the placement of their hands. Once we got started with the actual taking of the pictures I stuck all my research in my back pocket and I tried to just relax and be myself.

J: Which was your favorite portrait from our session? 

D: My favorite picture changes every time I revisit them. I originally like one where my hand is on my chin. Then it changed to one with my hand near my neck. Or maybe I like the one with the full smile. I love my hair in every one of them. I haven’t really settled on my favorite yet.